Festive season brings with it not just a lot of holidays and enjoyment for the families, but also the excitement of shopping sprees. People tend to spend more on everything that can possibly add to their happiness. This clearly gives a huge opportunity for the companies to boost their sales and occupy a major market share. However, this can be possible only by employing well-planned festive marketing strategies.

In a diverse country like India, where there is an array of festivals lined up one after the other, there is a lot of scope for increasing sales by offering a wide range of discounts and offers. But, at the same time, it also takes a lot of time and effort to understand what marketing strategy could attract the attention of the customers, and help your business stand out from the other competitors. It requires everything, from special festive offers to seasonal packaging to be skillfully designed and oriented with your brand.

So, here we are listing down some of the top most marketing strategies that are known to work best for boosting a business during the festive season:

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The foremost thing to be considered when planning a marketing strategy for the festive season is the product packaging. Companies often tend to forget that one of the most important things that attract customers during festivals is the outer appearance of the products. The more it aligns with the festival, the more likely it is to grab the customers’ attention. It is suggested to use CUSTOMIZED PACKAGING BOX PRINTING for your products, as it will give an edge to your business over other brands using conventional methods.


Custom packaging gives a personal touch to products and enables to establish a close relationship with the customers. There is a wide variety of premium printing and packaging solutions that can be used specifically for giving an elegant look to your products. In addition to this, try to use either classy gold and silver metallic like colours, or use festive prints and designs for the packaging. Also, add a logo to it, which can further enable the customers to remember your products and return to shop the same


Festive greetings are usually seen as a token of love and can be used to effectively give an impression to the customers that they are valued. And offering a small surprise gift occasionally would be the cherry on the cake. After all, who doesn’t like surprises? So, just adding a small personalized message or a greeting card with your product can do much more than you can even think of. It will leave a lasting impression of your brand on the customers’ minds which will make them choose your products over any other similar products.


Not to mention, whether it be social media advertising, email marketing, or any other indirect and direct advertising means, an effective and interactive ad campaign is always a go-to solution to increase your brand awareness in the market and entice the customers into buying your brand. The use of innovative branding techniques like stickers, logos, labels, taglines, etc., and placing them at the right places can help in enhancing the sales of your business.


This can be considered one of the most conventional methods adopted by most companies to increase the sales of their products during the festive season. Giving huge discounts and special festive offers on almost all the products is the most obvious way of attracting customers. However, there are a lot of variations in this and the success of your business completely depends on the uniqueness of your idea.


Apart from the presentation of your products, a well color-coordinated decoration at the outlet, that goes well with the festival theme is also a significant requirement for attracting people to your business. This comprises not just the lights and decorative items, but also the banners or posters displaying the special festive discounts offered at your store.

These were just a few tips and marketing strategies that could be used for ensuring the satisfaction of the customers along with the success of the business. However, we, at Studio FYUL have plenty of more such ideas to help your business grow. We can cater to all your festive season customized printing and packaging requirements. We are also versed in providing some of the best branding solutions and marketing strategies that work well for various businesses during festive seasons. For more guidance and expertise, you are most welcome to visit our Studio FYUL.