UV Printing is a unique method of digital printing that makes efficient use of ultraviolet (UV) light to dry and cure the ink, coatings, and adhesives instantly as soon as it gets printed on any of the surfaces – paper, aluminum, acrylic, or foam board. This technology can be used while printing on almost anything and everything. It offers effortless and quick product customization and this is one of the reasons why it is highly preferred on the grounds of packaging.

The standard of every design goes about the kind of materials used, so how could print designs be any different? And if you are planning to create some premium luxury products, choosing the perfect printing technology also becomes vital. An effective printing technique is a thing that can bring a significant difference between products of good quality, and that of excellent quality.

Over the years, a solution has been introduced, which is not just a proven print method but is also well-known for creating ideal prints for amplification in advertising and selling luxury products extensively. UV Printing is the way out. Wondering how can it be used in printing? Curious, right? So, it’s time to introduce you to the future of packaging and printing technology.
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In conventional printing methods, the inks being used contain special solvents that evaporate into the air during the printing process. This evaporation of solvents leads to the absorption of ink into the material, leaving a digital image when the ink is completely dried up. This technique might also require some additional spray powders to help with the ink offsetting and drying. As the inks are absorbed into the printing medium, their usage is usually limited to paper-like materials, and cannot be used for plastic, foil, metal, acrylic, or glass.
When it comes to UV printing, the inks being used in this technique are dried up through a photomechanical process, called UV curing. Here, specially designed UV lights of high intensity are emitted on the printing medium, drying it within a fraction of a second, helping the ink to retain its depth of color and quality. This process is quick and produces a high-definition finish of the image almost instantly.


UV Printing holds an edge over most of the other forms of printing techniques on the following grounds:

➢    Consistency & Efficiency: Using a UV LED printer mode of printing is not just beneficial in giving consistent and accurate prints, but is also time-saving. As the ink cures in a split second, it becomes easier to print multiple images in a very short span of time, reducing the risk of ink distortion.

➢    Versatility: As the ink, adhesive, or any form of coating dries up at a very fast rate using this technique, it is suitable for a wide variety of printing mediums – paper, foam, canvas, wood, glass, acrylic, aluminum, plastic, PVC, fabric and many more.

➢    Cost-Effective: UV printers usually use mercury/quartz or UV LED lights that can last up to around 10,000 hours, unlike the high power consuming conventional techniques that uses heat.

➢    Eco-Friendly: As the inks used in UV printing does not contain any solvents and dries up almost immediately, there is no chance for it to evaporate in the air and so there isn’t any release of harmful volatile organic compounds or toxic fumes, making this an environmentally friendly technology having a zero carbon footprint.

➢    Durability: UV-printed inks are usually found to be more resistant to water, scratch, wear and tear, and also to harsh weather conditions, which makes them more durable.

➢    Superior Print Quality: As the ink is dried up quickly using UV lights, there is no time left to absorb it into the printing medium, leaving it on the top of the sheet where it is less contaminated. This gives a print of superior quality, having a vibrant look with a high gloss finish.


Since UV Printing Technology is durable and versatile in nature and can be used comfortably on quite a few substrates, it is well known for printing high-quality, clear flyers, banners, billboards, promotional clothing, etc. This green technology can also be used in the FOOD AND PACKAGING BOX PRINTING SOLUTIONS, because of its features like sustainability.

Thus, if you are aiming towards getting prints for any of the above, ask us today whether UV printing is right for your business. We are here to assist you in providing the best modern-day printing and packaging solutions. So, what are you waiting for? Walk into our Studio FYUL today, let us know your requirements, and you are good to go!