Are you all set for branding your product? Or have you recently visited a printing press and got completely confused when you were asked “What would you prefer paper or vinyl”? Found it difficult to give an immediate reply because you didn’t know what that actually meant? If you’re still reading this – we believe you have surely been in a similar situation. So, here we are to help you out with this. And we can assure you that by the end of this article, you will surely get the answer.

When it comes to formulating your brand to stand out in a creative and colorful way, getting STICKER LABEL PRINTING for promotional and marketing purposes is always a great option. However, the materials used play a crucial role here, and are also integral to the success of the business. Primarily, these stickers can be distinguished as Paper Stickers and Vinyl Stickers. Although, these two material types are look-alikes and are attributively similar up to a certain extent and share many common features like – they both can be laminated as well as foiled, and also they can be easily cut out in various custom shapes, Yet when it comes to the distinction between the two, the deciding factor to choose the right sticker would be based on your requirements and the purpose for which it has to be used. Are you still confused? And wondering about how to differentiate and make out which one amongst these two will be the right choice for your product? Then here is a descriptive comparison between the Paper Stickers and the Vinyl Stickers that can help you in deciding what’s best for your business.


As the name suggests, it isn’t hard to guess that the paper stickers are fabricated out of thin sheets of paper. Some of the lucid features are that these kinds of stickers are:
●    Made out of very thin and moderately low-profile materials.
●    Not only eco-friendly but are also the least expensive. Thus, making them a highly cost-effective choice for any business.
●    Easy to make and therefore, high volume quantities can be printed quickly in considerably less time.
●    Well-known for giving an exceptionally excellent finished quality, specifically to the packaging and shipping boxes, products like bottles and jars.
●    Vulnerable to moisture, and changes in weather or seasonal temperatures. This makes them difficult to maintain as there is a risk of getting faded quicker, which may cause damage to their quality.

By this, it can be clearly stated that paper stickers:
➢    Ideal for either single-use products or low-cost products. 
➢    Not much preferable for the products that are to be manhandled with wet, oily, or greasy hands.
➢    More adequate for indoor usage, as they are vulnerable to tearing and cannot withstand extreme climatic conditions.


The vinyl stickers are made out of an exceptionally durable material called vinyl. Vinyl is basically a type of plastic that is produced from elements like ethylene and chlorine. Some of the key features are that these kind of stickers possess are:
●    Created with a comparatively thick material, that makes them ideal for long-term usage.
●    Little expensive but have a very premium and lavish look.
●    Printed in high-quality resolution, with full-color graphics.
●    Can be cut out in any shape and size to look right on whatever application you require.
●    Protected against fading by UV rays and very easy to clean and maintain, thereby offering higher durability and making them a perfect fit for vulnerable and harsh outdoor weather conditions.

With these distinctive features, it can be easily said that vinyl stickers are:
➢    Best suitable for products and promotional merchandise, where a business is majorly after a high-end appeal for the brand.
➢    Can be put to use where the products are handled roughly in extremely wet conditions, as they are waterproof and oilproof. 
➢    Can also be employed for usage on large surfaces, both indoors as well as outdoors, as they are pertaining to such impressive qualities.


You might have probably figured out till now that the right choice of using either paper stickers or vinyl stickers is directly dependent upon what you are trying to achieve and is thus, implicit to the purpose for which they are going to be used. Vinyl stickers, as aforementioned, have an edge over paper stickers in terms of their durability and negligible chances of getting damaged due to moisture or any other natural weather factors. So, if you are in need of a highly promising sticker that can continue to maintain its professional look over time, with unlimited customization options, then vinyl stickers are worth the cost for your business.

However, paper stickers on the other hand are thin but are economical in terms of both time and money. So, if your requirement is just to create custom stickers for indoor usage or for branding items, like labeling packaging and boxes, then paper stickers are the foremost appropriate choice for your product. Your brand ultimately plays a substantial role in deciding which sticker would be right to use.

That was easy to differentiate, right? So, if you now think you are finally ready to make a better decision and pick a sticker that is most suitable for creating an impactful brand, yet are confused about where to start from? Studio FYUL has plenty of options to select from and meets the requirements of almost all types of businesses. So, to get the best expertise for your branding, head over to the shop and get started now.