Cakes are no doubt a treat to your eyes as well as taste buds. And your delicious cakes demand an awesome good quality Cake Box. But, have you ever wondered if your cake boxes are making justice to the cakes that passionate bakers bake? Or have you been in a dilemma while choosing the type of paper for your cake boxes to look just as appealing as the cake itself? Well, this article will help clear out all your confusion!

This is an overall guide to the cake box packaging for the bakeries. Here, we are going to talk about the various options you have while selecting the type of paper to get your cake boxes made. And before deciding on anything, you will have to understand a little bit about the three major types of Papers that are available for the packaging


➢    Kraft Paper
Kraft paper has been in the use for cake box packaging since time immemorial. It looks brown in colour and is very often associated and confused with the cardboard shipping boxes. However, it gives a premium yet a natural look and feel to the box, which makes it the number one choice for many bakeries. Though this paper is simple and economical, its rough style and greater strength-like features are some of the secret elements for its popularity to protect the cake inside and keep its shape intact.

Apart from this, the best part is that this kraft paper is known for its environmentally-friendly characteristics, because of the fact that it is unbleached pulp, making it one of the purest types of paper, entirely free of chlorine. As it is not being processed with any sort of chemicals to reach its brown colour, it makes it one of the best choices for using it for packaging perishable products like cake.

Moreover, there are plenty of ways for a high level of customization, to give a beautiful and vibrant look to your boxes. TAKEAWAY BOX PRINTINGis very popular these days. So, if you are looking for an organic look and feel for your cake boxes packaging, then kraft paper is the right choice for your bakery.

➢    Duplex
Duplex paper is created by infusing two different layers of paper together. It is manufactured from pure wood pulp with one side of it lined with bleach. That is, the exterior layer of the board is usually coated in order to make it better resistant to water as well as to give it a glossy look and feel.

Moreover, this paper is tough and thin, which makes them lightweight and easy to carry. Even after such premium quality features, it is absolutely a cost-effective choice. The duplex paper, according to the requirements, is made food grade and is thus ideal for any kind of food packaging, specifically for cake boxes.

➢    SBS
Solid Bleached Surface or SBS, also known as Solid Bleached Board or SBB, is a type of paper board that is made entirely from the bleached chemical pulp with the surfaces coated with synthetic pigment. It is originally of white colour on both sides.

Moreover, SBS paper is easy to cut, crease, stamp and even emboss. However, this board is laminated for the purpose of using it for consumables like cake, so as to make it food-grade. And is thereby, considered to be the ultimate choice, especially when it comes to printing quality and customized graphics for packaging boxes. So, if your bakery is looking out for a custom cake box, which can have excellent design prints, then the SBS paper board is the way to go.

So by now, we assume you might have got a clear picture of what are the three primary options available for you in terms of the paper to be used for your cake boxes packaging. And undoubtedly, this will help you in deciding which paper board has to be used according to the requirements of your bakery.

And nevertheless, if you are still confused or have got some fair idea and want to order your cake boxes, walk into our Studio FYUL, let us know your requirements, get our suggestions, and choose out of the various standard cake box packaging paper boards and designs that we offer. Your work will be done at ease with no extra charge.

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