Stickers are little decorative promotional tools, while labels usually indicate product specifications and other details. They are usually affixed on the packaging of a product to improve the overall customer experience. Using custom stickers and labels is not just an economical way to enhance the packaging of your product, but also helps your business to stand out from other competitors in the market. Some kinds of material options for stickers, we primarily offer are -
  1. Paper
  2. Vinyl
  3. Transparent PVC
  4. Speciality Paper
  5. Metallic
The most widely used types of stickers are paper and vinyl. However, when it comes to choosing which one should you opt for your brand, it is crucial to understand the differences. Know the key differences between paper stickers vs vinyl stickers and make an informed choice. Transparent label printing and custom printed waterproof labels may also be a great choice depending on what product you are serving


The size of stickers and labels can range from a meager 0.1 x 0.1 inches to even as large as 28 x 40 inches. Moreover, they can be customized into any shape as per the requirements. Though the most preferred shape by various businesses is rectangular but using our computerized laser cut technology, we are well versed in creating any of the weirdest shapes you can think of.


We also offer a variety of special effects that can enhance the overall look of the stickers and labels, thereby adding value to your brand and its packaging:
  • Foiling- It adds shiny metallic colors and provides a high-quality finish to the stickers.
  • UV- It is used to give a very glossy and shiny liquid coating to the surface of the stickers.
  • Hybrid- There is also a special hybrid effect that brings together the best of both worlds to enrich the product packaging.
  • Metallic Printing- This is generally used to protect the surface of the stickers from wearing down and also, to make them resistant to water.


    Stickers and labels can be used for a variety of purposes:
    1. They can be used as an element of decoration on packaging with the motive of strengthening the branding
    2. They can also be used for conveying some significant information about the product
    3. They are an extremely cost-effective approach to enhancing the packaging
    4. They substantially give a distinct quality to your product, that ultimately helps in the differentiation of your brand from any other similar brands in the market
    5. They look very generic and tend to give a very personal touch that customers usually look for while purchasing any product
    6. They are usually eye-catching and add a fun element to the packaging, and thus, seek to grab the attention of the potential customers towards the product
    However, either way, it plays a vital role in the promotion and customer attraction for all sorts of products. You should look for some tips to select the right label for your products so that your business reaps advantages multifold. The prettier and more appealing the packaging looks, the more value will be added to the brand, and thus more people will be attracted to buying the product.


    When it comes to formulating your brand to stand out in a creative and colorful way, using stickers either as labels or for promotional and marketing purposes is always a great option. And if you are still confused if a decorative sticker or an informative label can make a difference to your product, just walk into our Studio FYUL, and depending upon the nature of your product and your expectations, we will suggest some of the best options that can help in the growth of your brand.

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